Metabolic Solutions

"I suffer from Metabolic Syndrome and Fatty Liver. After two weeks on my custom meal plan, and working with an amazing doctor took me off half my medications!"

- Tom McGuire


"I can return to my daily routine. I can function through the day. I can lift my children. I can tie my shoes. I can sit without readjusting myself every few moments. I can stretch....I can LIVE!"

- Tamara Cushman

Nobody Else Does What We Do

Custom Nutrition Plans For Permanent Health

Our clinically proven program works. Every plan is customized to fit your metabolic profile and help you stay lean, fit and healthy for life! Metabolic Solutions is the worlds #1 most effective strategy to treat Metabolic Syndrome and many other nutrition related illness.

How Our Program Works

The Metabolic Balance Plan

The Metabolic Balance Plan is designed for people who have been diagnosed with Metabolic Syndrome or have symptoms that are very similar. Metabolic Syndrome is considered a medical condition and for that it requires the expertise of a physician.

Our physicians are certified and trained to handle even the toughest cases.

The Metabolic Balance Plan is medically proven to be the most effective treatment available for metabolic syndrome compared to any other treatment currently offered in the world!

This plan requires a simple blood test and a comprehensive consultation with a certified metabolic balance expert. A plan of action will be based on the results of your blood work and your personal consultation.

Metabolic Syndrome testing is recommended for anyone with a combination of any three of these factors: See Image

The most telling symptom is a large waist circumference. Men's waist sizes that are close to or greater than 40 inches are at the highest risk. Women's waist sizes that are close to or greater than 35 inches are at the highest risk.

The most common question we get asked is, "Do I need to be diagnosed with Metabolic Syndrome to do this plan?"

The simple answer is no. This plan is recommended by physicians as far away as Germany for us to specifically treat Metabolic Syndrome patients. Like we said above, this is the most successful treatment for Metabolic Syndrome in the world. And we are one of only a limited number of physicians certified to deliver this program.

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